Use our search below to look for your part number. We have a capabilities list of over 400+ products and over 20 years working on aircraft parts repair and overhaul.

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Galaxy International, Inc. keeps our capabilities list up to date but we may not have the exact part you are looking for on our list. Talk to our parts specialist and he will help you find a vendor like Galaxy International, Inc. to service your part.

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Galaxy International, Inc. has a wide range of aircraft parts that can be repaired upon send in, helping you get your aircraft back up and running.



We recycle aircraft parts to create components that can be used for other parts of your aircraft, vehicle or project, saving you money and never leaving a part to waste.



While we don't overhaul and repair every part at Galaxy, we do offer inspections on specific parts that need review. Looking to see if your part is safe? Our FAA and EASA certification makes us a top vendor for safety and parts clearance.

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